​​ Training with a Trainer 

All our session are supervised by Certified personal trainers because we want to guaranty quality of service by teaching the proper form to insure safety, motivation and assistance when needed, making  you work efficiently and hard , get the right amount of rest in between sets so you can fully benefit of your experience with us at the Grind and get results.

     Group Training options

We designed program for busy adults that we run throughout the day with a shorter time period of30 minutes  and higher tempo pace for those who are busy:

The Grind Boot Camp and Mid-Day Grind

We have programs that runs a little longer with more weight lifting involved so you can take 45 minutes  to build more muscles to stay lean:  

​  The Rise & Grind and  The Last grind

We also have special program such as Mommy Fit Camp that we run during the day  

We like  group session because of the  team approach and the environment that allow our clients to be pushed and be motivated while helping each other.   



Our Approach ​is to help you Burn Fat 24/7 

We will teach you how to turn your body to a fat burning machine with the help of the right exercises and nutrition for optimal results so you can melt fat and see results that will last. How to eat to build muscle, enhance your health to fight diseases and  enjoy your life

​​1on 1 Training options  

Our personal training session are

60 minutes  long and designed to provide a tailored workout so you can get results at a faster pace.

We push clients in best of their abilities and also provide stretching in the end of every session to help improve flexibility and enhance recovery. We also track the progress by taking body composition and measurement so we can adjust the workout to stay on track with the client goal.