3:00 pm-4:30 pm
1st Elite Group
3:30 pm-5:00 pm
2nd Elite Group
4:00 pm-5:30 pm
3rd Elite Group
4:30 pm-6:00 pm
4th Elite Group
5:00 pm-6:30 pm
5th Elite Group
5:30 pm-7:00 pm
6th Elite Group
6:00 pm-7:30 pm
7th Elite Group
6:30 pm-8:00 pm
8th Elite Group
7:00 pm-8:30 pm
9th Elite Group
  • Elite performance program  
  • Master proper lifting method 
  • Understand and apply recovery protocols
  • Gain the power, speed , endurance and relentless you need to dominate
  • ​Master nutrition to fuel your body
  • Prepare to pass your condition test
  • Prepare for your combine test   


Elite Training for college athletes

This program is designed for scholarship and non-scholarship athletes with the desire to get an edge on the competition. You will be challenged and pushed harder then most D1 programs in the nation. We know because our athletes always stand out among the freshman and at times even among  some seniors. Join our prep program and we will prepare you for the college level.

College Prep Training

​​​The Grind is open to College athletes 

We offer a complete workout that cover strength and power development but also sport specific Speed, agility drills and conditioning so you can always stay at the top of game and have off-season while on your breaks and summer.


The Elite Prep