Game Changer 

  • Shot speed, hand speed, checks, eye-hand coordination, footwork, first step efficiency, IQ, creativity, confidence and mental toughness.

Our players are given

  • Strength and Conditioning programs designed specifically for lacrosse performance 
  • Nutrition: assessments, guidance and tips 
  • Film breakdowns 
  • Recruiting advice and assistance

We work with youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes. We offer individual, group and team training year round. 

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Charlie O'Connor as an 8Th grader 93 mph fastest shoot

Our  Strength & Conditioning Approach

Depending on the athlete's development, they are introduced to weightlifting in addition to functional strength training , rotational power, core training, olympic lifting, sled pull, push and running for speed, power and endurance, balance, agility, reaction , speed and conditioning drills.

​​​Lacrosse Performance Training 

  •  Ethan Powley, Duke -2013 All-American Game
  • Tyler Kellogg, UVA- 2013 Underclass New England team
  • Luke Brugel, UVA 2014 Underclass DC team
  • Troy Jahelka, NAVY 2014 Underclass DC team 
  •  Brendan Wallace (Salisbury School 16' - Ohio State 20') 2015 Underclass DC team 
  • Roman Puglise (PVI 17' - UMD 21') , 2015 and 2016 Underclass DC team
  • ​Jackson Smith (PVI 17'-Ohio State 21')  2016 Underclass DC team
  • Charlie O'Connor(PVI 20') 2016 UnderClass DC team
  • Galvin Kline (PVI 19') 2016 UnderClass DC team


Why It Works

We develop our players overall athleticism and lacrosse skills simultaneously, so they progress at a rapid rate and enhance lacrosse specific skills and performance with stick skills that will translate to the game more naturally.

Our lacrosse performance training program is the most proven developmental system for players in Northern Virginia.

2016 Regional and State Champions Dominion HS 

Kyle Kivinski  trained at the grind his sophomore year to add strength, power

and speed to his game so he could become  a more dominant  attackman.. Lead his HS to an impressive 21-0 and their first State Title. 


Jackson Smith -D1 Ohio State

​Brandon Fisher -D1 Ohio State

Nic Ancona -D1 Wagner

​Troy Jahelka-D1 Navy

Danny Kielbasa -D1 Army​​


NCAA 2016 National Champions 

Ryan Oconnor   trained and rehab at the Grind during his senior year at Paul VI to overcome a  two time  ACL injury . As a freshman at  UNC he showed  a lot of improvements and promises before suffering a third ACL injury that would prevent him from finishing the season. The 2017 season will be  the biggest challenge he will have to overcome his injuries and compete for another national championship.

Head Strength Coach, Owner

Claudy Abranchess


Jacob Angelus -D1 John Hopkins​

Roman Puglise  D1 Maryland

​Steven Cornwell-D1 Maryland​​
RJ Barns  -D1 Virginia  Institute
Grant Dearden -D1 Penn State

We have trained over 42 Division One Lacrosse players committed to major colleges and Universities.

John Schmank -D1 VMI

Cheech McLallen -D1 Drexel

Emmett Kembel -D1 Bryant University

Tyler Aunon -D1 Georgetown, Delaware

Michael Foster -D1 Jacksonville

​Scott Primeau -D1 Furman

David Williamson -D1 Furman

Troy Jahelka -D1 Navy

Patrick McCormick -D1 Mount St. Mary

Adam Baker-D1 Mount St. Mary

Nic Ancona -D1 Wagner

Tim Dickson -D3 Delaware Valley ​​

Bennett Lloyd -D3 Washington College​

Brett Clark -D3 CNU




Ryan O'Connor- D1 UNC

Ethan Powley -D1 Duke

Kat Zempolich -D1 Duke

Brendan Wallace -D1 Ohio State

Ryan Lamb -D1 UVA

Tyler Kellogg -D1 UVA 

Luke Brugel -D1 UVA

Palmer Lloyd -D1 Rutgers

Steven Hillenbrand -D1 Rutgers

Patrick Gyennis -D1Maryland​​

Will Biagi -D1 Michigan

Michael McDonnell -D1 Michigan

Logan Aunon -D1 Delaware

Luke Davies -D1 VMI

NCAA 2014 National Champions 

Ethan Powley  trained and prepared at the Grind during his junior and senior year at Paul VI and added speed, power while gaining 25 LBS of muscles. As a freshman at Duke he broke all the lifting and condition records. As a sophomore he his the fastest and strongest on the team in all the functional lift and second on the bench and squat. A very driven and competitive athlete.


​​Greyson Ergenbright -D1 Dartmouth

​Andrew Gartska -D3 Gettysburg

Michael Mc Cormick -D3 Gettysburg

Taylor Redmond -D3 Gettysburg

​Andrew McCormick -D3 Catholic

Jeffrey Pisani -D3 Lynchburg College​​

Ryan Lam, UVA put on 35LBS