​​Complete programs

We offer a complete workout that cover Strength and power development but also Sport Specific Speed, agility Drills and conditioning depending on the training period. We offer on and off-season services from training to aid with recovery protocols that cover stretching, sport massage and nutritional guidance.

Our Pro Training Approach

Depending on the Pro's physical health they are introduced to light weightlifting in addition to functional strength training for about two weeks if they are just coming out of the season. The emphasis is on rejuvenating the athletes first by doing hands on stretching and massages  so they can get a full recovery from the heavy season before we kick-in  the full Off-Season training. 

Overall power development and strength training through weight training, Olympic lifting, sled work, hills running , band work and plyometrics will be the main tools and methods used. We will get really creative to challenge the athlete  for balance, reaction and core training by using Bosu balls, TRX, XDrifft and  various other drills for coordination and sport-specific demands to obtain unmatched results.


Recovery protocols

We offer hands on stretching after every session, sport massages and nutrition guidance to help boost recovery and enhance performance.


Pro Athletes Training

3 x Week
 5 x Week$720/Month