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Kristen Abranchess , Co-Owner

Education: BS Sports Medicine

Minor: Nutrition

Sports: Basketball, track and soccer

Experience: Played basketball at Radford University and Strength Coach at Virginia Tech.

She is a mother to one son, Kai and she loves every minute of it.

After tearing her ACL her freshman year in college she had to rehab from her injury while having to lose 30 pounds she gained while being injured putting on the freshman 30, makes her a specialist in helping young female athletes and woman to manage their weight and prevent injuries.  

My strengths are athletic training, post rehab, nutrition and experience ranging from weight management, corrective exercise, sport massage, strength training and cross training for sports and everyday life.

My strengths are creativity and experience ranging from weight management, injury prevention, corrective exercise, sport massage, strength training, olympic lifting, functional training for sports and everyday life. I am great at motivating and pushing my clients to reach their goals. 

*Creator of the XDrifft Training System

used in many Division 1 Universities around the country such as Virginia Tech, University of Richmond, VCU, Georgetown, Wake Forest, Duke, UNC, NC State, Georgia Tech, Eastern Carolina, Florida, Florida State, Auburn, The University of Miami and FIU.


​​Claudy Abranchess , Owner

Education: BS Science of Human Motricity

Other: 2 years of Industrial Design

Sports: Basketball and soccer

Experience: Played basketball in college at JC Smith University and played overseas in Belgium and Holland.

He has two sons, Kayden and Kai, and they occupy his free time.