Post Rehab 

Our tactical athletes are exposed to many situations that can cause multiple injuries and put them out of work while they are needed to serve and help others.  We realize how important it is for them to return to work as soon as possible and we offer recovery programs that encourage a quick and full recovery.

We are very passionate about helping wounded warriors return to pain-free activities and high-intensity training so that they may continue to serve their community or country.

A Healthy Lifestyle

At The Grind we understand that the demands of certain jobs can leave people with an incredible amount of stress and fatigue, thus leading them to make some understandable but poor lifestyle choices. These choices can lead to obesity, sleep loss, joint pain, and unpleasantly quick and unexpected trips to the doctor caused by poor health and feeling older. By training with The Grind, people can work to feel younger and healthier while training the essential parts of the body that will allow them to live easier and with less stress.

Tactical Strength and Conditioning

Our Tactical Strength and Conditioning program prepares those whose occupations required high levels of performance and readiness for the unknown. This is perfect for people involved in organizations such as: military members, firefighters, police officers, etc.

To have higher chances of survival and maximize your abilities to come to the aid of others, you have to be prepared against different situations and conditions so you can be efficient, alert and confident with your strength, power, agility and endurance to perform.

We are confident that our program will help you maintain or regain the strength necessary to stay prepared for the situations of uncertainty that your job consistently puts you in.

Tactical Strength and Conditioning