Team Discount

5-10 athletes
11-20 athletes$15.00/athlete
21 and over$12.50/athlete

Complete programs

We offer a complete workout that covers strength and power development but also sport specific speed, agility drills and conditioning depending on the training period. We develop in season and off season training programs so athletes can maintain their gains throughout the season.‚Äč

Our Elite Team Training Approach

Depending on the team schedule and development we will start by a full team warm-up then introduce the athletes to weightlifting in addition to functional strength training, rotation and power development of the core, olympic lifting, sled pull/push, running for speed, power and endurance, balance, agility, reaction , speed, conditioning drills and sport specific drills. Our goal is to improve the teams overall performance and also sharpen sport specific movement patterns by overloading sport moves.

 Elite Travel Team Training