Core Training

"We have developed a solid product that can support 300 LBS of pressure in all  directions with an intelligent design to help the user control the device with ease so they can transition smoothly in between exercises. It can be used in different ways and can also be taken apart for storage or travel purposes.        
                                                                                                          XDrifft  Team


Kids Training

Sport Moves

Women sports

"With the XDrifft the core must fire first before any extremity moves.  You get a great core workout  that translates to total body balance and stability but also you get a workout on the extremity that moves . It is a safer product for our athletes because there is no impact on their joints and it allows them to work in a full range of motion..."            
                         Mike Goforth, VT Head Athletic Trainer




"  A versatile floor based exercise device that allows the core to fire while targeting upper or lower body muscle groups without putting pressure  on your joints.
The patented Joint Realignment  System provides a range of motion unmatched by any other floor based exercise device . You can safely perform in a full range of motion and build functional strength like never before ! "               
                                    Claudy Abranchess, Inventor