2 x Week
 3 x Week

*Age  8-11  

The Youth Grind

                          Our approach

Age 6-8 :The focus is on body awareness and coordination through different methods of training involving body weight exercises, balance drills, reaction drills, speed and agility drills.

Age 9-11:Functional strength through bodyweight exercises, balance drills, reaction drills, speed and agility drills with the addition of external resistance, such as bands, light weights, body bars, and medicine balls.

Age 12-13 : Depending on the youth's development they are introduced to weightlifting in addition to training functional strength, balance, agility, reaction , speed and conditioning.

​​​​Youth Training

*Age  12-13  

2 x Week
 3 x Week
3:30 pm-4:30 Pm
1st youth Group
4:30 Pm-5:30 Pm
2nd youth Group
5:00 Pm-6:00 Pm
3rd youth Group
5:30 Pm-6:30 pm
4th Youth Group
6:00 Pm-7:00 pm
5th Youth Group
6:30 Pm-7:30 Pm
6th Youth Group
7:00 Pm-8:00 pm
7th Youth Group

​​​​​​​​​​​Build character and confidence at an early age that will transcend in the youth everyday's life by learning hard work, how to step up to challenges, learning new concepts, understanding how to take instruction, and competing to become the better version of themselves.